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Lady Code

The Lady Code was derived from the original concept of “The Bro Code” from a character named Barney Stinson on the show “How I Met Your Mother”.

When researching the preexisting culture on woman codes, I realized we focus on values that display the distinct opposite rations of strength and independence. In my graduating year (2012), this project was an opportunity to add a sense of flare to my portfolio and also exhibit a bit of my personal values and belief systems.

All the elements of this project were experimental, and pushed the boundaries of what classic book design means and represents. The physical elements of the book combat traditional standards. For example, the book is tabloid in size, the end-pages are fluorescent orange, it was single page bounded by hand with thick blue string, the hard cover is wrapped with a film of gold fabric, and the pages are a tint of light blue.

The content is a range of quotes, empowering lyrics, images, articles, and cultural references that many modern day women have been turning to for empowerment, and iconic inspiration.

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