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An interplay between traditional Scandinavian aesthetic, and a more unorthodox approach to design and art. Norden encompasses a mix of viscerally uncomfortable, progressive and economically conscious subject matter.

The idiosyncratic elements of this branding reflect this interplay and aspire to ignite the conversation surrounding the progressive ideas and sensibilities of these northern regions. Challenging per-conceived notions of beauty and aesthetic. Employing ugly as a concept in craft to examine alternative futures.

This December 2018, Harbourfront Centre invites you to (re)discover the richness of the Nordic region and its creative driving forces in contemporary visual art, music and thought leadership.  Featuring Danish artist Anders Ruhwald, Finnish photographer Iiu Susiraja, and Danish culinary master Claus Meyer, NORDEN:  The Festival of Cool promises to make you think differently about the dark nights of winter. Through conversation we’ll try to answer the question, What is Happiness? Through live pop music we’ll make you groove on Toronto’s most scenic rink. And through a carefully curated artisan market you’ll be ahead of the gift giving season!


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